Thursday, January 29, 2009


In case anyone's wondering about us, we're surviving the ice storm. The Great Ice Storm of 2009 as it will forever be known in our family. Northwest Arkansas looks like a war zone, and it will take weeks, if not months, for the devasation to be cleared away.

I have plenty of stories and photos to share, but they will have to wait until we have power. I'm typing this from a coffee shop right now. You will hear great shouts of gladness when the power is restored. I'm not counting on that happening anytime soon. Reports are that over 100,000 people are in the same boat we're in.

A hot shower will feel wonderful.

Please pray for us and all those who have been affected by this horrendous storm.

Friday, January 23, 2009

My guys

It's been so long since I posted, I nearly forgot my login a few minutes ago. The past few months have reached a new level of busy, and although I find myself in the midst of various situations thinking often, "I really should blog this," I fizzle out so early at night that writing is the last thing on my mind.

But when I downloaded this picture of my boys tonight, I knew it was time to post. These two guys have me wound around their little fingers in ways I can't even describe. They make my heart beat funny, and I get lightheaded when they kiss me.

Perhaps I should feel a little guilty about carrying on with two men at the same time. But I just don't. There's enough love in my heart for them both. And they're both okay with that :-)