Friday, April 21, 2006

6 Random Things Meme:

6 Random Things Meme
I was tagged by Michelle to do the 6 Random Things Meme. What is a "meme", you ask? Break the word down and it looks like Me! Me! ... and that's exactly what it is ... a list of really useful and very interesting information ... all about ME!

So I was picked today for this great honor and since I still suffer posttraumatic stress from those angst-ridden moments in grade school when it seemed that I would NEVER be chosen forANYTHING (besides helping my friends finish their homework at the last minute), I'm just all too excited to share with you 6 random things about me:

1. I don't sit still very well at all. Ever. Even when I'm working, I'm tapping a foot or bouncing a child on my knee. Although I was never hyperactive as a child, something happened when I went to college. I'm guessing it was a toxic permanent buildup of caffeine in my system, but who can be sure? All I know is that long car trips and meetings are enough to make me crazy. Really crazy.

2. When I eat a meal, I eat one thing at a time. When I was younger, I couldn't stand for food to touch other food and would have loved for my mother to have served all my meals on those neat little divided cafeteria trays from school. She and my dad, however, were not amused by my quirky eating habits and insisted that I eat off the same Corelle the rest of the family used.

3. I'm a closet homeschool mom. My oldest went to public school kindergarten this year and we have had nothing but great experiences: A wonderfully supportive and encouraging teacher, a phenomenal principal who also happens to be a really godly man, and a curriculum that has been challenging and fun. But I still can't shake the feeling that I should be teaching her at home. My bookshelves are lined with homeschooling books and materials and my "favorites" folder contains links to more than a dozen of my favorite homeschooling sites. Unfortunately, I work full time and haven't figured out a way yet to be able to do it all.

4. I'm really two women wrapped up in one. Half of me is Compulsive Claire who can't rest until all the movies my husband pulled off the shelf for his Guy's Night are alphabetized once again and my grocery list for the next day's shopping trip has been completely categorized and alphatized. And the other half is ... I'm ashamed to say ... Messy Martha who doesn't notice (or care) that nearly every article of clothing I own is piled up on my closet floor in an ever-growing heap and the kids' bathroom hasn't been cleaned in nearly two weeks. These two gals wage war with each other every day, and let me tell you, when Martha's winning, it's not a pretty site.

5. My favorite drink in the world is a 50:50 mix of Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper ... only half the calories and ALL the caffeine .... mmmhmmmm.

6. I love to laugh. Really laugh. A day is just not complete without a good belly laugh, the kind that leaves your sides hurting and your smile muscles exhausted. Lucky me, I married a really funny guy and have 3 funny kids, so there aren't too many days I have to spend laugh-deprived. Laughter is great medicine; the Bible says so.

So there it is. More than you ever wanted to know about me. Because I'm pretty new to the blogging community and don't know too many bloggers personally (and because she hasn't responded yet), I'm tagging Ruth again!


Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

I understand your schizophrenic tendencies...

And I like the new template! :)

Visiongirl said...

Hey girl! I know I need to do the 6 random things too! I totally LOVED reading yours. I understand about the two women waging war within. During the summer, I'm quite obsessive compulsive in my need for organization and neatness and cleanliness. During the school year I just hate it...but many mornings...we're all diggin our clothes from the pile of newly washed on the couch. It's awful! ;) Someday we're hoping the Lord will make a way for me to stay at home too. It is the desire of my heart!!! I had to let my blog go...hence...just not enough time to keep it up! I'll think of the 6 random things and come back and post! How's that? I probably have like 15 random things....I'm a pretty random person!