Friday, May 18, 2007

Raising Godly Girls

I ran across this article by Ingrid Schlueter from Slice of Laodicea today and it raises some good points about the choices we as Christian parents are making in the raising of our daughters.

" ... many Christian girls live in a fashion that is hard to distinguish from the world. Smaller families have meant less of an opportunity for girls to learn how to be mothers. Rather than girls growing up being tutored by watching their mothers care for home and family, girls are more likely to grow up while mom works outside the home. Like secular middle-class counterparts, Christian homes and families center their lives around their kids' activities. Chances for a young girl to help care for the home or be a consistent help to her mother are few and far between. Life is often about keeping the kids happy while valuable lessons are lost in the scheduling shuffle. "

"So how should Christian girls differ from the unsaved counterparts? Their entire worldview should be different. This means that exposing girls to a lot of secular television, including the Disney Channel, warps their perspective on what it is to be a young lady ... The entertainment we allow in our homes must comport with what the children are learning from Scripture or the message is canceled out."

If you have a young lady (or two) living in your home, Schlueter's article, entitled "It's 911 Time for Christian Girlhood" is worthwhile reading. You can read it in its entirety here.

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Lisa said...

oh my, Thomas is that 15 y/o girl. He's been trained in womanly arts. He can cook (not great, but edible) He can clean (as good as he cooks) but most importantly he can get Abigail down for a nap like a baby whisperer :o)
Thats a good article. I would love to read one about boys and dads.