Sunday, January 20, 2008

Makeup lessons

This is an excerpt from an early morning conversation yesterday as we readied ourselves for the trip to see Grandma:

Sarah: "Momma, what do you do with this?"
Me: "That's a lip liner pencil, honey."
Sarah: "But what do you do with it?"
Me: "Well, you outline your lips with it before you put on your lipstick." (I'm realizing as I type this that what I SHOULD have said was ,"I outline MY lips before I put on MY lipstick ... mmmmm, what is it they say about hindsight??)
Sarah: "Oh."

Three minutes later:

Sweet mercy. I can picture her even now behind the wheel of a pink Mary Kay Cadillac.


♥Lisa♥ said...

Lookin Good!!!! Chicka

Ashley Hester said...

Aww so cute! Love the lip pucker!

Wasn't sure if you got my last email? :)