Sunday, February 08, 2009

First Feis

S began studying Irish dance at the beginning of the school year, and this past weekend she competed in her first feis (a competition of Irish dancers and musicians; pronounced "fesh") in Branson. It was held at the absolutely gorgeous Chateau on the Lake. S had a blast and did very well, bringing home a medal for participating in her first feis and two first place medals for her performances.

We can't wait until the next feis in Little Rock in April!!

Our sweet dancer:

Applying the all-important sock glue to hold up the poodle socks:

Doing a jig:


Patti said...

Oh my! She looks so very grown up. I haven't seen her in a while and was taken wonderfully aback at her height! I know your Mama would have loved to have seen her at the FEIS! You have beautiful children.

Loved the photos, esp. the one of the enchiladas.


Teaching Enthusiast said...

Wow...that is so incredibly cool...and ya know...somehow I think if her momma had...had that opportunity...I could actually see you doing that! She must be alot like you..anyway...I know you are proud of her! She looks so grown up! Great activity to be involved in!!!