Sunday, May 16, 2010

One down and one to go

I finished my first year of nursing school this week, and as I reflect on the past nine months, I am filled with a mix of emotions:

Disbelief. One year ago at this time, I was unsure of my prospects of ever becoming a nurse. My advisor at the local university had told me that my chances of getting into their BSN program were slim to none and warned me not to hold out too much hope getting into the community college in a nearby town, because their selection process was just as competitive. After putting my dream of becoming a nurse on hold during my baby-raising years, such news was extremely unsettling.

Amazement. I not only got into the program at the community college, I have maintained a 4.0 GPA thus far.

Gratitude. My success this past year has only been possible because of a support system of family and friends who love me and support me in any way they can. I was really nervous about going back to school full-time and the effect that might have on my husband and kids, but they have been unbelievably supportive and encouraging.

Hopeful. Having made it thus far gives me the faith to believe that God will see us through the next year and provide a job at the end of this journey that will be exactly what I need. I am continually amazed at His provision in my life and eagerly await the unfolding of the next year of my life.


Lauren said...

Hi, I found your blog by simply sifting through some today after making my very first entry. What caught my attention was that you were facing the exact problem my fiance is regarding nursing. He was also told it would be difficult to receive the high GPA needed to be accepted into the nursing program at our local university and he is now at our local community college, where the waiting list for the nursing programs is 1-3 years long depending. Congratulations on you academic achievement. I will have to tell him about this and perhaps it will inspire him. Yours was also the first page I came across with any mention to the Bible. God bless!

wendy said...

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