Friday, July 10, 2009

Yes, women ARE born this way ...

This is for any man who has ever wondered if the women in his world were hardwired to talk incessantly ...

My six-year-old son is fascinated by this video. He has asked me to replay it over and over since I first watched it yesterday morning. Each time, he stares at the screen the entire time with a look of curious delight on his face.

Soooo ... I decided to have a little fun with him last night.

"G, you don't know this, but that's the young lady you're going to marry one day," I told him.

Very quickly, the look of delight turned to one of fear.

"NO!" he exclaimed. "She talks too much!"

Oh, honey, we ALL do.


Anonymous said...

This is too cute. Yes my boy, they are all like this. They're still adorable.

Angie said...

LOL!!! I think she already has the gift of tongues!