Friday, March 17, 2006

This should be a great trip ...

Big Sis and I were talking this morning about the upcoming Girls' Only Trip we're taking next week to Big Cedar. Her grandmother (my mom) and cousin (my brother's nearly 7-year-old daughter) are coming up on Wednesday, and we will spend Thursday through Saturday in Branson. She asked me if I had plans to fill Brooke in on all "The Rules" that we live (and travel) by. I told her that yes, I was planning to talk to all three girls on Wednesday night and outline the following behavioral requirements:

  1. There will be no fighting or bickering.
  2. There will be no tattling.
  3. There will be no whining.
  4. There will be no loud, obnoxious behavior.
  5. There will be no talking just to enjoy the sound of one's own voice.
  6. When an adult asks you to do something, you will obey happily the first time.

She asked what the consequence would be if any of the above listed rules were broken, and after a moment's thought, I told her that I would be taking along some bread and peanut butter and if anyone just couldn't seem to comply with "Sheryl's Rules of the Road" that at the next meal while everyone else enjoyed mouth-watering restaurant cuisine, the rule breaker(s) would enjoy half a peanut butter sandwich and a cup of water.

She turned to me without missing a beat and said, "Sheryl, you better take the whole loaf!"


Lisa said...

LOL!!!!!!! she is a crack up!

Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

WAHHHHHHHHH! That was so funny. I would probably need to take the whole loaf too...