Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What I REALLY need ...

Here's a fun, mindless Google game for you. I saw this today on a fellow blogger's site and loved it! Here's how it works: Go to Google, type in "[your name] needs", and see what comes up. Here were my top 10 results:

  1. "Sheryl needs Helen's help" (I sure hope Helen is a great housekeeper, cook and nanny!)
  2. "Sheryl needs a bone marrow transplant" (oh, may it never be!)
  3. "Sheryl needs booze in her dressing room" (only after a REALLY hard day, haha!)
  4. "Sheryl needs to try decaf" (oh no, it's caffeine that keeps me going most days)
  5. "Sheryl needs a bass player" (no, I REALLY don't want any more mouths to feed)
  6. "Sheryl needs a swing DJ and a few dancers" (see previous comment)
  7. "Sheryl needs to eat a sandwich ... or two" (sorry, bread isn't on my diet)
  8. "Sheryl needs some hugs and a teddy graham" (I'll take all the hugs I can get)
  9. "Sheryl needs another chemo treatment" (see comment on #2)
  10. "Sheryl needs to come over after school" (will there be free back rubs and lattes?)

OK, it's your turn now! Have fun!

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Lisa said...

Thats too funny......